The Best Retro Refrigerators Available: A Quick Review

Refrigerator technology has come a long way over the years.  We have stainless steel, fingerprint free models with built in touch screens.  You can purchase a refrigerator that has a security lock and a camera on the inside that can connect to your phone so you can see if you need milk, cheese, or any other item.  Technology is crazy and we keep moving forward each and every year.

However, this page is not about the newest technology.  In fact we are going old school here and are going to take a look at the best retro refrigerators that you can buy.  Just because your refrigerator is considered retro doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have solid technology behind it.  The retro refrigerators that we will be looking at here will have a vintage yet modern design to them and will do more than just keep your food cold.  Let’s take a quick look at the best vintage refrigerators on the market.

Refrigerators come in all types of sizes and here we are going to break them down by standard and mini.  Let’s start with the larger units….

Full Size retro refrigerators:

Our Top Pick:  SMEG 24 inch, 10.74 cubic foot Retro Fridge With Bottom Freezer

Well as expected, at we recommend a SMEG refrigerator as our top pick.  This 1950’s style freezer is my favorite for a couple of reasons.  First off, it comes in red, pastel green and pastel blue which are really unique in the refrigerator world.  Also, if you have been doing any type of research on vintage refrigerators you will quickly realize that it is very difficult to  find a unit that has a freezer built in.  Your can stop your search here because this SMEG unit has a bottom freezer with automatic defrost so your food doesn’t get that icy freezer burn.  It also has adjustable glass shelves with LED lighting technology.  At 10.74 cubic inches it should have enough room for all your grocery needs and still fit in most kitchens with plenty of space to spare.  They also have the option of adding a 5 year warranty on the product which I would recommend as well.

Here is a pic of the pastel green model:

Don’t like the separate door for the freezer?  Then you should take a look at this model.  It has a slightly smaller capacity than the model above.  However it is also $1,000 less expensive!  That may be enough right there to sway you to this design.  Other than that they are basically the same and it comes in a cool pastel blue color.





Retro Mini Fridges:

The plan here is to offer you a few more choices than just my wife’s favorite brand SMEG.  SMEG is a top of the line product and there are many other brands out there that do a great job as well.  The other brands will be a bit easier on the pocketbook as well and that is always a good thing.  When it comes to mini refrigerators the biggest thing that will effect the price is the capacity.  There are many to choose from such as 1.6, 2.8, 3.6 and the super small .14 cubic feet model that is made to only hold a six pack of cans.  Below you will also find the star ratings from Amazon on the product which should help you when trying to decide which mini fridge to buy.  Ok, so let’s take a look at them…