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Well, seek and you shall find.  You may be surprised to find a site that is dedicated to retro appliances but we appreciate you stumbling upon our little gem here.  Cool Retro Toasters was started because my wife is really into retro stuff whether that would be appliances, bathing suits, sunglasses, shoes and even old arcade games.  Last year she specifically asked me to get her an old school toaster that was red for her birthday.  So, of course I waited until the last minute to purchase her gift and then went straight to the internet to find the perfect toaster.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t that easy.  I was able to find a few but they either were not the right color or were not of very good quality.

However, after searching for two days on the internet and doing some research I found the perfect vintage toaster for her birthday.  You can actually find the toaster I selected for her on our site here in the review section.  Even though our domain says cool retro toasters, we have more to offer on here than just one type of appliance.  Which is why we have officially updated our name to CRT Appliances.  Here we are all things retro, just like my wife.  If you have a family member or special someone that is into vintage stuff, I will try to make your life easier by reviewing different products and listing them here on our site so you don’t have to go searching all over the internet to find them.  It may take me a while to get to everything but at first I will be focusing on different appliances such as retro refrigerators, retro stoves and the retro accessories to go along with them .  So take a look around, check out or recommended products and let us know what you think.


The Vintage Red Toaster – Where It All Began

Finding a mix of solid quality and a good price can actually be difficult in the toaster world.  It seems like such a simple appliance that has basically one task that any brand will work.  That is not the case.  For instance, if the toaster is cheap and plastic, it will easily flip over when pressing down on the lever.  The plastic toasters are definitely budget friendly but they are that way for a reason.  Below is a list of our top selections for old school red toasters.  If you are looking for a different color or style check out the cool toasters category.  Next we will go into my personal red retro toaster reviews.


Choice #1  –  SMEG 2 Slice Toaster

2 Slice SMEG Retro Toaster

This is the toaster that I bought for my wife.  I know what you are saying $150 for a toaster?  Yeah, it is a bit pricey but it is definitely the best.  It is very solid and you can feel the quality in the design and materials.  One important thing I was looking for when buying a toaster was one that has a removable crumb tray.  This does and it makes cleaning it a breeze.  The last toaster we had did not have this option and the only way to “clean” it was to unplug it, turn it upside down over the trash can and try to shake out the crumbs.  Believe me, the crumb tray is much better.  This was the first SMEG appliance that we bought and we now have several others to match.  All of their products are top quality and once you start buying them you will see what I mean.  If red is not your style this toaster comes in black, pink, light blue, and pastel green as well.


Choice #2  –  1950’s Style Red Retro Toaster

Old Vintage Style ToasterThe manufacturer of this toaster is Retro Series which definitely fits the description.  This is the type of toaster that you would have seen in those 50’s diners that they show on TV.  You might see one of them in your local restaurant like Johnny Rockets as well.  I almost purchased this toaster but I preferred the slightly more modern design of the SMEG instead.  However, this toaster has extra wide slots to fit bagel halves and those thicker pieces of bread.  It has five browning levels including a defrost mode.


Choice #3  –  Vermi 2 Slice Vintage Toaster

White Retro Toaster

Alright, so this retro toaster is more white than it is red but I couldn’t leave it out of the discussion.  First of all, it is priced really well.  You get a lot of bang for your buck out of this toaster.  It has a really cool mix of modern yet retro in its design.  Of course, as expected, it comes with a removable crumb tray so you can clean it quickly and easily.  Feel free to not only drop in your toast but your bagels as well in the wide mouth slots.  One other cool feature is its anti-jam technology and self centering guide which will keep your toast in line so you don’t have to struggle to get the pieces out.

Choice #4 – SMEG 4 Slice Red Toaster

4 Slice Red Toaster

I had to throw another SMEG model into my recommended list because they are just that good.  This one is quite pricey but it does give you the ability to toast 4 slices at once.  This model has all of the features that we listed in the previous review above and more.  You will not be disappointed.

Choice #5   –  Kitchen Aid 2 Slice High Lever Toaster

best toasters for sale

I’m not sure how retro this model is.  It looks more contemporary to me but it is a solid choice for a good price.  This model is available in both 2 slice and 4 slice toasters.  The have 3 different colors as well: red, black or silver.  The removable crumb tray is a must and it has one.  It also neatly tucks away the cord when the toaster is not in use to keep your kitchen looking nice and organized without messy cords laying around.  Solid toaster and a good choice overall.

Choice #6 – Nostalgia Retro Series 2 Slice Toaster

red vintage toaster

Ok. The only reason I have this toaster on my recommended list is because of the price.  I realize that not everyone cares to have the top of the line toaster in their kitchen.  I selected the Nostalgia model because it has a unique 1950’s style to it and it is a bargain as far as price.  It doesn’t have quite as many browning levels as the units above but it does have the crumb tray.  Don’t expect this toaster to be as heavy as the ones above it.  Just remember sometimes you get what you pay for.  With that said, this is a great option for those who are more budget conscious.

A Little More Info About Retro Toasters

The toaster is probably the most popular of all the small appliances within a household.  Unfortunately, most people do not get all of the use out of their toaster because most people only use them to toast sliced bread.  If you would like to learn how you can use your retro toasters in a more efficient way check out the toaster recipes that we have.

Considering you can go to your local Walmart and pick up an inexpensive toaster for about $10 many people think I am crazy for spending so much on the SMEG brand.  Well, as I always say, most of the time you get what you pay for.  I have noticed much more consistency with my toasting in the more expensive models.  I supposed this is because of the type of heating elements that they use.  They disperse the heat more consistently for a perfect brown each and every time.  If you want to take your cooking game to the next level you should buy a retro toaster oven that we have reviewed.  In the past, I personally could only make eggs and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  However, when I started to learn how to cook with this small appliance it opened me up to a whole new world.  My wife is happy too because she no longer has to prepare every meal for me.

We hoped you enjoyed our little review of red retro toasters.  Please take some time to browse around our site and compare different products.  I’m sure you will find some things that you like.  We also have sections with unique items that you can’t find in your everyday local store.  Thanks for stopping by CRT Appliances.